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Hi I'm Chantilly Elijah Eggerson, I help woman of all ages discover their Power and Purpose.
My clients have learned to:

I identify and remove obstacles that  block their happiness.
Set and achieve goals.
Understand  the only thing stopping them is them.
Begin their journey of knowing and loving themselves.

My personal and professional experiences allow me to coach my clients on the topics of:
Goal setting
Weight loss
Stress and anger
It's my mission to to show women they are beautiful,
 unstoppable and divinely made.
Because I was where you are.
If I  had to describe the main thought I had about myself  in one word , that word would be WORTHLESS.
I struggled with depression and low self-esteem, I didn't know myself and I had no clue what my purpose was.
Connect with Chantilly
 You can also find Chantilly on CurveCityDivas’ our Facebook group, where she provides her expertise to the group. She is a valuable asset and we are honored to have her aboard.
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