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GirlFriendz' TotallyYou Presents...
 'Living Healthier LifeStyles'
In lieu of the everyday stressers of life, we've decided to challenge ourselves and others to live healthier lifeStyles.
challenges all women to make a healthy lifestyle change, not for vanity or for what society paints, but for life!
it's time for us to take a stand and claim back our health!
Become A CurveCityDiva
Today! Get Women involved in your City, State; your Job, College, Gyms, Church, Salon, Social Group, etc.
In order for us to make changes, we have to change the way we think, feel and the way that we do things.
A total body detox is freeing yourself of total body and mind clutter.
Every City has women who are Curvy, but Curvy doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. We want to be healthy curvy women. We don’t have to fit the profile of what society paints for us, but we should fit a healthy profile that is healthy for us individually we need to be comfortable in our own skin. A Diva is a Classy women who Loves the skin she's in. She knows her Worth, has Self-Respects, Confidence and Believes in herself - a Diva walks with her head up high at all times. 
CurveCityDivas' teaches us how to love the skin we’re in; loving ourselves from the inside out! We learn to prioritize and detox our lives by eliminating all things that can harm
us. CurveCityDivas' believes together we can live healthier lifeStyles' Mind Body Soul & Spirit for totally success by, supporting awareness; shedding excess pounds, stress in turn, gaining strength, good health, confidence, empowerment, inspiration, motivation and success, that's what we do! 
Why Become A CurveCityDiva?
We support Women and their families become healthier.
We support awareness and the betterment of our communities.
We also support the success of the small businesses, through our founding website GirlFriendz' TotallyYou!
S.U.E.M.I.S.S. is...
SisterHood * Support * Unity *Empowerment
* Motivation * Inspiration * Success
Self-Love * Self-Improvement * Self-Esteem
* Self-Confidence * Self-Control * Self-Worth!
You See the Word “SELF” a lot, because
Becoming Healthier Begins with YOU!!!!
Healthier LifeStyles’ mean...
Healthy Mind, Body & Soul & Spirit for Total Success!
CurveCityDivas' is starting a Movement
EMPOWERing YOU to be all that YOU can be!
"I AM Who I AM"
Learning Accountability for Your actions in life
Learning how to take a Stand on what You believe in
Learning You and Knowing who you really are from the inside out
Learning how to Love Yourself unconditionally!
"I Choose..."
Whether it's Awareness, Self love, Education, Fitness or mentoring
You are in charge of your Destiny take a stand
 What do You Choose? 
Wants to give you options that will fit your individual needs to assist you while you make your transition into a healthier lifestyle.
We are joining forces with some amazing people and companies,  because when it comes to a better quality of life, we want to offer you the best!
CurveCityDivas' Supports Family Health
CurveCityTeens' Thursday's 
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if you have access to a computer you can join. It's starts with one hand and I'm the first to extend it, will you join me?
Empowering Motivating & Inspiring the Success of Women and their families everywhere!
Our Motto
"Simple Changes in Life Can Make a Big Difference!"
CurveCityDivas’ PAY IT FORWARD
Doing something good for someone else in reaction to someone doing a good deed for you!
CurveCityDivas' Supports Awareness
Go Red For Women
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