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The Pure Energy Think Drink
Mental Performance
Each of these ingredients possess complementary and
metabolically active properties, such as:
Acetyl L Carnitine: A Bioenergetic Nutrient that is found in nearly all cells of the body that protects, maintains and energizes the neurons that are critical to concentration, memory, mental energy and overall health.
Huperzine A: A Botanical Ingredient that promotes memory and cognitive function by supporting healthy acetylcholine levels in the brain, vascular
function and neuronal health.
Rhodiola Rosea: Another Botanical Ingredient that has been utilized medicinally for centuries. Rhodiola rosea has demonstrated a remarkable ability to enhance cellular energy metabolism.
DMAE: An Energetic Nutrient believed to work primarily by supporting healthy neurotransmitter function, particularly the production and action of acetylcholine.
Green Tea (providing polyphenols and caffeine):
Utilized as a Botanical Ingredient in traditional medicine
for centuries, scientists have recognized that polyphenols in green tea exhibit a powerful ability to protect brain cells from free radical activity. Now a key ingredient in Focus Up.
Vitamin B12: A water-soluble vitamin with a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.* B12 assists in the manufacture of certain neurotransmitters and in the support of brain metabolism.
All Natural Berry Flavor: The source of FocusUP’s favor comes from natural citrus, fruit and berry extracts. We’re really proud of the ingredients selected for the Focus Up formula. Not only are they natural, but they also blend to create a refreshing, great-tasting beverage another great natural ingredient of Focus Up.
Also available in capsules
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