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*****Start off with small changes*****

This is not only about losing weight, there is a big misconception about relating living a healthier lifestyle solely to losing weight. 

Make a COMMITMENT to living a healthier lifestyle
and being true to yourself!!!

Make a commitment to weight loss, reading more, meditating, walking, sleeping more, drinking more water, stop smoking... whatever it is that you need to do improve your of life.
If we can commit to others, then why can't we commit to ourselves?
Each day you will become more healthier mind body soul and spirit.

The 21 day rule to make or break a habit may work for many, but not for all.

Make a commitment to yourself Set realistic goals!!
If it took time to become unhealthy in whatever way you see you need change, it will take time to become healthier.

Weight Loss/Weight Management

instead of 5 cups of coffee do 4 and substitute that extra cup with a healthier choice.

Instead of 3 cans of soda Regular or Diet substitute it with something healthier.

Instead of a pack a day take a few out the pack and leave the rest alone chew gum (sugarless)

Have your cake and eat it too simply cut it in half eat some now save some for later.

Don't deprive yourself. When we deprive ourselves of the foods we love to eat even though we some may not be good for us, some will binge eat later on.

Stand in from of a mirror without clothes (Men/Women) and admire yourself. Learn to love you, imperfections and all. We all have the power to make positive changes in our lives OWN IT - it's your body it's your life...self motivation aids in self confidence the more you see yourself the more you will begin to love yourself unconditionally.

Each day can present a new challenge  when that happens turn to us for support. find that positive in a negative.

Remove the word DIET from your vocabulary as it starts off negative"DIE" losing to gain it back can pose a bigger health risk as it affects your heart. We are making strides to "LIVE" healthier LIFEstyles' together. include the kids and make it a family thing - set by example.
Its easier to follow suit later in life when it begins at a early age.

All things begin with the mind
(Detox Your Mind)

Water is key

Sleep is key

Patience is key

Journal keep track of your progress

Set realistic goals

Remember to reward yourself for small accomplishments
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