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Arlene Michelle Harrison, also known as Arlene Community Queen Harrison, is the founder of Mocca Sister 4 Life (Mentoring organization for Girls), founded in 2010.
Her daughters have been in so many organizations which led to her become a volunteer for many years. Arlene loves working with kids; She has always been a leader and was always chosen to be on a team or picked to be the representative for groups, meetings etc. 
Arlene’s passion led her to start her own organization for girls, because she has girls and there was nothing like it in their neighborhood. Arlene wanted to make a difference in a girl's life, by keeping them off the street. With so many single mothers who may be forced to work two jobs to support her family or the parent(s) who may like to hang out in turn paying less attention to their child, leaving the children to raise themselves or the streets to raise them.

Her business goal is to one day have our own building where kids can come on a regular basis after school and on the weekend’s for tutoring;  attend one of their many sessions that will help the child in their everyday life.
Her mom was influential in her success. Her father died of heart attack leaving her mother with two small children, Arlene, a year old and her brother two years old. Her mother had to work two jobs in order to provide for her family. A single mother raising two small children; Arlene’s mother encouraged her children to participate in any extracurricular activities at school, which she attended. Arlene says, “She is a great mom, awesome supporter and I thank God for her”.

Mocca Sister 4 Life (Mentoring organization for Girls), are sisters who
believe in reach one and teach one. They serve as an outreach to help those in need. Their goals are to reach as many girls as they can and feel, until it is done, their jobs will not be complete - Giving true meaning to the name Mocca Sister 4 Life!  Mocca Sister 4Life is there to help guide young ladies with a positive influence to be able to deal with life situations in a positive way. Mocca Sister 4 Life organization is here to show that we are not only mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and cousins, but we are people who care about you. We want to reach out to all we can whether it is through: donating our time, blankets, feeding the needy, helping the elderly or mentoring, women and teenage young ladies, that may need some sort of guidance or support. We are business women who love to take time from our inner family to help our extended family.
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