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Poet, Brookyln, NY
Let us not forget those who chanted yes we can in 2008 and then forgot to do their part in the years that we sit and watch the blatant disrespect to our President because of the color of his skin.

How can people vote for a man just to be the first Black President, cry on inauguration day and then make him the last. History in the making without paying attention to HIStory...

If it took many years to corrupt a world it will take time and cooperation to fix it. We have a house with no representatives. We have White house crashers, tongue lashes who speak prejudice with no repercussions. A man that will always be wrong even when they believe he's right, because he is a black man sitting in the White house. It's hard to do a job with your hands tied. invisible shackles that a ...blind man can see. We shall overcome come, really?

Pro Obama for the first six month like a fashion fad going hard and strong with the name Barack Obama and 44th on your shirt. like everything else that's born to die...ashes to ashes dust to dust.

Criticisms for poetry in the White house...freedom of speech and created expression, obviously gives off the wrong impression, but calling the survivors of Katrina refugees was a poor choice of words... end of discussion. Priorities...

If the world was color blind for a day would it make a difference? Ask yourself. My heart breaks...tears drop and anger creeps but in the form of energy courage and strength to make a difference.

Until we ALL recognize that through unity all things are possible I will be the business of creating positive change by linking hands of greatness, by connecting heart filled with love...people with great passion and dedication-those who've learned from their own hardships and struggles and are able and willing to guide others with their wisdom.

In my mind I'm an artist painting the world with blind eyes splashing colors... the most vibrant, no more black no more white...blood drips colors of red to the paint brush bristles... bodies with veins... transparent skin tone, like the effects from an atomic bomb... on the inside we are all the same until impurities from prejudice minds infects like the plague.~PDQK
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