GirlFriendz' TotallyYou!  - Where It's All About You!
Poet, Brooklyn NY 
Your smile is like an everlasting blunder of excitement that over whelms me I feel as if when you are near you present is well needed. You shine so heavenly and you speak so silently but you always know how to say the right things your emotions are high but there covered by everything else in your life. It all makes since at times but why hide I want you my sweet angel to shadow me become one with me and trust I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.
When I’m not around you know were to find me, when you can’thear my voice you make a way to hear it. Just wish it was more that you could say I need you now I want you I care for you. It is almost like I’m falling for you. I feel like my emotions are changing and our connection that once was a friendship along time ago is now romance and a relationship.
Two total strangers are now complete with just a conversation and laughter something as deep as this must be real so deep I can feel it so deep I can taste it so deepI just cant stand it so deep that when your away all I can do is think when I will see you again and when I do see you again will this deep feeling still be the same as deep as it is now.
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