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My beautiful great-grandmother, “GaMama,” was one of the first women to educate me in the healing power of herbs and aromatherapy. My initiation was unforgettable! One day in the 1970s, as I was about to eat a plant that I assumed was collard greens, GaMama reached seemingly out of nowhere, slapped the shiny dark green leaves from my little hands, and informed me that the plant was poisonous. She saved my life! From that point on, whenever I visited GaMama she would let me work beside her as she tended her garden and explained to me all the properties and potencies of each herb that grew by the magic of her strong, loving hands.
After the birth of my son, Jordan, in 2001, my curiosity about herbs and aromatherapy intensified. I didn’t want to use commercial products on Jordan’s delicate skin which, despite his being freshly bathed and lotioned, usually left him as ashy as if he had just played in a bag of flour! What his skin needed was pure and natural products that would leave it neither too dry nor too oily. I began to research and develop a line of safe, natural alternatives to chemical-laden, mass-manufactured products. After many years of often frustrating trial and error, it happened.
 I created the perfect body oil using a combination of skin healing natural ingredients and the knowledge I acquired from GaMama and her garden. I soon realized that the TLC I sought for my son’s skin was also a must for adult skin. I share the fruit of my love-labor with you through AGAPE Skin by Sistah Sheppard. So enjoy and maintain your beautiful glowing skin by treating it with butters that seep into the epidermis and keep it soft and sensually fragrant, cleansers that refresh and clean without drying, and scrubs that exfoliate and moisturize so thoroughly that virtually no lotion is needed afterwards.
I put an extra touch of myself in every product I create. My products are an expression of me and when my customers are satisfied, so am I. We at AGAPE Skin by Sistah Sheppard look forward to a satisfying kinship with you!
Check out her website by clicking the banner above. You can also find Sistah Sheppard on CurveCityDivas’ our Facebook group, where she provides her expertise to the group. She is a valuable asset and we are honored to have her aboard.
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