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Cherese is a very loving individual who believes highly that being an original is always better than a copy. Be yourself and you will get RESULTS!
She currently works as a special education teacher, motivational speaker, and certified
life coach.
Ms. Walker’s desire to help both young people and women take control of their destinies was born out of her journey through pain and despair to self-love and success. Along the way she learned that forgiveness, love, motivation, determination, education, and spiritual connection are essential for building a rewarding life. She also came to understand that many women are entrenched in bitterness, hurt, envy, and strife due to life’s difficulties. This knowledge has inspired her to empower other women to heal from pain and create loving, purposeful lives.

She established Women with Resilience, Aspiration & Pride for Success, Inc. (W.R.A.P., Inc.). The organization helps women develop the values, beliefs, skills, self-love, and power that are needed to create successful lives and loving families. It also encourages women to develop nurturing relationships with one another and join together to create healthy families and thriving communities.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Ms. Walker resides in Dallas, Texas where she is raising her young son.
 Cherese Walker, M.Ed, a Professional Educator
Founder of Wrapped for SUCCESS
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