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This product is unlike anything else in the marketplace today. In fact, we've imported some of the best nutrient extracts and flavors from numerous places around the world to create Xooma BLAST. Not only do we think you're going to LOVE the way this makes your water taste, we think you're going to love the incredible VALUE and health benefits it offers you and your family. Quite simply, Xooma BLAST makes it fun and easy for adults and children to drink MORE water. (Use with X2O sachets for maximum health benefits)
 Xooma BLAST features:
* Powerful natural antioxidant complex offering an ORAC value equal to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables
* 1.5 servings of REAL whole food derived fruits and vegetables in every packet
* Made with all-natural ingredients
* No artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives
* Won't raise blood sugar levels (low glycemic)
Just 7 calories per serving
* Convenient drink stick packets with 5 grams of nutrient
powder in every stick
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